Small Business Assistance Programs: Dry Cleaners

2005 Air & Waste Compliance Calendar

This calendar is designed to be attached to each of your dry cleaning machines as a single source of all recordkeeping required by the Perchloroethylene NESHAP. This year's calendar now includes Korean translations


If you didn't get a calendar from one of the previous five years, you may want to print it out and transfer your recordkeeping information so everything is in one spot.


2004 Compliance Calendar
2003 Compliance Calendar
2002 Compliance Calendar
2001 Compliance Calendar
2000 Compliance Calendar


Plain English Guide for Perc Drycleaners

An indispensable guide to help you in understanding and complying with federal air, hazardous waste, and wastewater regulations.


Federal Dry Cleaner NESHAP

This is the actual federal regulation that requires all of the control devices, leak inspections, pollution prevention, etc.


North Carolina Dry Cleaning Solvent Clean-Up Program

Division of Waste Management's website that includes text of the Dry Cleaning Solvent Act and its amendments as well as critical compliance deadlines.


Recommended Operating & Maintenance Practices

Design specifications and operating manuals must always be kept on site. If you can't obtain yours from your equipment manufacturer, local distributor, or trade association, then you must have a copy of the EPA document General Recommended Operating and Maintenance Practices (EPA-4531R-94-07).


Glossary of Dry Cleaning Terms

Practically every term you'll ever hear related to the dry cleaning industry including alternative solvents and antiques like "belly washer".

Residual Risk to Change MACT

This is a PowerPoint presentation given by Rhea Jones with EPA. Ms. Jones is working on revisions to the Perc Drycleaning NESHAP. She is interested in pursuing voluntary initiatives for all facilities except majors and those that are co-located with residences.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dry Cleaning

Basic information about Perc and dry cleaning from EPA's Design For The Environment project (EPA 744-K-98-002). Korean, Spanish


OECA Sector Notebook

One of many such industry sector notebooks. This one provides a comprehensive Profile of the Dry Cleaning Industry. It is published by EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assistance (EPA 310-R-95-001).


Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors (AP-42)

Information includes brief descriptions of processes used, potential sources of air emissions from the processes and common methods used to control these air emissions. Methodologies for estimating the quantity of air pollutant emissions are presented in the form of emission factors.


North Carolina DAQ Dry Cleaning Regulation

The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) allows dry cleaners to determine potential emissions based upon actual consumption. This figure is used to determine if Title V permitting is required. Dry cleaners don't have to file for a Title V permit unless they use more than 20,000 pounds of PERC in just one year!


EPA's NESHAP Webpage

Includes proposed and promulgated rules, implementation information, outreach and training materials, and compliance information.


PERC Material Safety Data Sheet

A generic MSDS for Perchloroethylene including physical data; fire, explosion, and health hazard information; transportation, handling, storage, spill, and disposal procedures; and protective equipment.