Metal Detectors

No permits are required for metal detecting from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources; however there are restrictions on metal detecting in some areas of the state. 

Metal detectors are not allowed in any state park area except to locate lost personal property and must be accompanied by a park employee while searching for such property.  Sand beaches at ocean parks are exempt from this prohibition except during June, July and August.  Local ordinances may govern the use of metal detectors on beaches that are not state parks.  Contact the appropriate beach town to see if metal detecting is allowed in that area.  For inland lakes and beaches, contact the property owner for permission to use a metal detector.   For state forests, ask permission from the forest supervisor that oversees the particular forest where you want to use a metal detector. 

The NC Department of Cultural Resources may have rules or regulations about metal detecting, particularly in historic areas of the state.  The phone number is 919-807-7385, and the main Web site address is: