What is Express Permit Review?

The Express Permitting Program within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources offers a more timely review process for a number of environmental permits required for development. This program offers quicker permit decisions and certifications as well as consultation to identify necessary environmental requirements. Higher fees are charged to support additional staff for the express review.  This program emphasizes greater involvement of property owners, developers and engineers to ensure good communication and high quality applications. A pre-application meeting is required and a well-documented application with supporting technical information is necessary for a thorough and swift review. Multiple permits that may be required for a project may be reviewed concurrently.

Express permitting began as a pilot program in January 2004, Legislation SL 2003-284, Section 11.4A and expanded by SL 2004-124, Section l2.9.  It is now a well-established and successful multi-divisional program within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

What permits or certifications are included in the express program? Where can I get more information about each one, including fees and the application process?

Alternative Sewer Extension (Division of Water Quality):

Aquifer Protection Non-Discharge Wastewater Treatment (Division of Water Quality):

Coastal Area Management Act – Major Permits (Division of Coastal Management):

Coastal State Stormwater Permits (Division of Water Quality)

Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans (Division of Land Quality):

Wetland Certifications/Stream Determinations (Division of Water Quality):


Local agencies that have jurisdiction over permitted activities may not be participating in this program.

What is the fee for express review?

The following table lists the express review application fees. (See attached fee table.)

Where can I get more information?

Click here for regional offices and one-stop/express coordinator map.